Free your story

Duckling brings people together to tell stories about what they love.


There are three steps to using Duckling: 


1. select an interest

Search for any interest, big or small, narrow or wide.


2. browse people & their STORIES

Duckling shows you people, stories and media from across the internet.


3. Tell your own stories

Mix it up to tell your story and make new connections.


A kind of network.

Duckling is built for collaboration: When we combine our storytelling skills, we make manipulation difficult. Life is about telling your own story in a way that allows different views, facts and feelings to connect. That's when things really change.


Duckling is build to empower you: Like Bob Dylan once said “you gotta serve somebody”. We choose to serve whoever want to set their story free and share it with likeminded people. This means giving you ownership of your data and it means using a business model that benefits both you and us.