features at a glance

See the bigger picture

Build a personal stream of insights and inspiring people around topics you like. Then go on a journey to find the inspiration you didn’t know you needed.

Speak your mind

You are more than social media. We empower you to share all your insights in a few easy steps, using your media or photos, videos, tweets, and sounds that others shared.

Bite-sized insights

Quickly swipe through our bite-sized insights to find what’s resonating with you. Then tap to dig deeper into links, articles, and other content.

Space for deep thoughts

Use the insight drawer top add extra content like links, articles and blog posts, that adds depth and context to what you are saying.

Start a conversation

Build your insights using the Duckling app, then share them via social media, email or text message. You can share feeds of insights and your showroom.

Free your story

Change the story of who you are, and break free of the limits of social media, by creating a showroom of your insights, ideas, and inspiration.

Free from advertising

Advertising is a thing of the past, and it does not serve us well anymore. We decided to build a different business model. So you’ll never see traditional advertising on Duckling.

We don’t sell your data

On Duckling you are the customer, not the product. We will not sell, share or otherwise exploit your data. You own everything you publish on Duckling, and we strive to give you full access and control over all your data.